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DIY Screen Mesh: Honda Brio Front Bumper


Honda Brio is not equipped with screen (wire) mesh on its front bumper, at least in Indonesia. This unavailable screen mesh can protect your AC condenser from road gravel, and can save a lot of money.

In this DIY, I'll show you how to make your own screen mesh for $10 only.

What you need:
1. Wire mesh with 1 cm aperture, $4.
2. Flat Black spray paint, $2.
3. Some zip ties, I need twelve of them.
4. Cutting pliers

First, you need to take the front bumper off, you have to pull some bumper clips and open some nuts.

There are four bumper clips.

two nuts under fender

two bolts under license plat.

And there are 14 bumper clips and two nuts under the bumper lip (sorry no photo)

pull gently from the inside out.

Photos by Yogo Priyayi ZS

And finally, front bumper is removed successfully.

You need to cut the wire mesh using cutting pliers. 75 x 18 cm is the most fitting size.

I like to spray the wire mesh flat black.

Bumper from the inside, before the wire mesh's installed.

Red circles are where you use zip ties to tie wire mesh to bumper.
Green circles are where you need to cut some wires, in order to hook wire mesh to bumper.

Cut the residual zip ties.

The final result, Honda Brio bumper with home made screen mesh.
nice posting bro,, i want do that but don't have time
*busy mode: ON 77
just take an hour or two.. If you know what to do..
wew.. nice tutorial.. everything compiled to one place...
gonna do this as soon as my silvie arrive..
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