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    Nice one,
    but why don't you use headunit with big LCD screen (6.5")? It's quite popular here.

    I had an ipad mini build into my previous car, but I found the touch screen to be very distracting while driving haha.

    Another question, does anyone here know if the GD8 Honda Jazz/Fit suspension components fit the Brio? I'm struggling to find lowering springs or coilovers for the Brio in South Africa as no one here wants to modify their Brios

    could you tell me head unit brand and type in your Brio, is it JVC?

    Its the stock one the Brio came with, it looks like this:

    The Trend is the entry level Brio and the Comfort is the higher spec that includes a radio, 4 speakers, electric windows and alloy wheels

    Welcome Ruan!! Nice to have you here..
    Where do you come from? Are you from South Africa? What type of Brio do you have there? is it 1200 cc or 1300 cc?

    Edit: please don't hesitate to ask, there are several DIY here but in Bahasa Indonesia, if there's something you don't understand, feel free to ask.

    Thank you Zikri

    I am indeed from SA, I have a 2015 Brio 1.2 Comfort Manual. Colour is Urban Titanium with the Black interior

    So far google translate has helped me to understand most of the DIYs :D

    First on the list is to upgrade the stereo, but I would like to keep the stock head unit, I just need to figure out which wires go to which speakers

    Hey fellow Brio owners!
    I recently bought a Honda Brio. Soon after I started searching for DIY advice. This led me to HBC!
    Apologies for my English, my Indonesian is not that good :hahaha:

    Thanks for having me here and thank you for all the cool DIY guides