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    Hey admin , thanks for your input. I tried your method . Initial observations are as follows-

    1. Car jerks/knocks in 3rd gear at about 35km/h , rpm would be 1500 or less , with or without A/C.

    2.Overall performance has increased.

    3.When I engage first gear , the moment I used to release the clutch there used to be shuddering with or without A/C. Now that shuddering has gone.

    hey guys ,

    i have honda amaze with same brio engine L12b . i have installed a small conical pipercross air filter and a nitto axle back exhaust. lately i have noticed that whenever i drive my car with A/C on , in third gear my car gives weird knocks / minor jerks . this is only when rpms are below 2500 . once the rpm goes above 2500 this problem goes away.

    what you guys think ? is it due to the air filter?