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    yeah it is compared to the stock tire.. so which one should i mount? i have a 16x7 rim et 45 and i am now confused which tire to get since most here say 195/50/R16 but via calculators its 3.4% difference while 205/45/R16 is 1.34% so my questio is, is it safe to mount a 195/50???

    Hello again, ive done some calculations is it safe to mount a 195/50/r16 with a rim of 16x7 ET 45??? via calculators it says its 3.06% difference while 205/45/16 is arpund 1.28% different?

    sorry for the late reply.. well i found a 16x7 et45 wheel now which tire to use?? 195/50 or 205/45??? now thinking of 15x7 wheel which ET to go if 15x7???

    Thanks guys.. I am sort of having a hard time lookin for tires if I do go for a 16" since, i have called around and only r16 i can find is a 205/45

    my choice of rims are r16 ET +40 or I can find a r16 ET +45.. The 17" is though 17x7.5 ET 45??? would that be good??? with r16 195/50/r16??? or R17 205/40 is what im thinking from achilles???
    any pictures of the brio on r16 as well?? I am thinking or wanting also a r17x7.5

    Good day. I am new here..

    My name is Marco from PH.

    Anyways, I would like to ask any advise on wheel upgrades?? I have tried reading through the upper forums yet, I couldnt get the translator to translate. Anyone here upgrade their wheels to 16" or 17"??? What offset is best? 17" ET +45 okay?? and could i put 205/45 or 205/40 tires?

    thanks in advance :) <3 Brio