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    I think I will try out shop and drive. Maybe check if they stock 0w20 and if not go buy my own oil and bring there

    For our ATF, anyone know what we should be using?

    ATF DW1 or HCF?

    thanks both!

    Just collected the Brio....shocked to find that there is no auto window up! Will have to fix that.

    I'll try to buy the normal sticker and cut then. Thanks!

    Is there any shop who can do all these things together? Or is there any freelancer who can do it if I provide the material and just pay for labour cost?

    Where do you guys service your car? Official honda workshop? Or any other recommended workshop you guys go to?

    Hi All - just bought a 2nd hand Brio. Look forward to learning from all of you.

    Quick question from me:

    1) Is there any good value car wrapping services in south jakarta area? I am thinking of wrapping my roof glossy black.

    2) B Pillar, my B pillar is alittle scratched, is there anyone who DIY wrapped it before? I am looking on tokopedia/shoppe etc but can't find any Brio sticker wrap. I can only find HRV

    3) Any idea where to fix wheels that has been scratched by the curb? Ideally in south jakarta too.

    4) I am trying to read through the internet space but seems like people are saying Brio doesn't come with aircon filter. We need to DIY and cut the area behind the glove compartment to install. Is this true? Any other way to install this? Am reluctant to cut the area.

    thanks in advance for all the help!