Engine oil for 1.2

  • Well, Indonesia has only summer and rainy season, I am using SAE 0W-20 and it works well in both seasons.

    Dont you think-
    1) 0W is for very cold climate, instead why not 5W or 10W
    2) 20 is too thin, why not 30
    Shouldn't 5w30 or 10w30 be more ideal?

    Or, are you trying to get best of both worlds?

  • Yes, 0W is useless in our country which has no Winter. What I wanted is the 20, it's the thinnest oil sold by Honda here, 30 is good but.. I feel the engine smoother, less vibration, and better acceleration when using Honda Automobil Oil 0W-20... Btw, what kind of oil provided by Honda in India? Do you use genuine oil or another brand?

    I am using the Gold one (0w-20). Green 10W-30 and Blue is 5W-30.

  • Eneos 0W-20 is quite good too. I’ve been told that honda genuine oil is manufactured by eneos. Have been using it in my crv from 20k-40k km and so far all is good. 110k/liter is a bargain. I’m planning to use it in my brio too.

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  • isn't idemitsu oil recommended by honda?

    right now i'm interested to fastron gold but the price isn't that cheap T_T

    I don't think that Idemitsu is the one distributed from HPM (Indonesian Honda). Usually, in Indonesia, they're working with local oil producer (like Pertamina). But, it won't be a big matter, as long as the specification meet the needs, the oil will be safe to use. And I use this brand too, but with higher viscosity (10/30) . This brand was globally known as oil producer with good reputation.