Brio 1.2L Engine swap to L15a7 engine

  • Hi friends, sorry for speaking english here

    I have L12B Brio. My question is it possible to swap L15A7 from Honda City on a Brio?

    If yes - 1) will it be only head swap or will it be full engine swap?

    2) any other modifications required to brio car? will it be direct fit?

    3) I guess will have to use ECU from L15, correct?

    I want to keep it stock, no other modifications required, thanks.

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  • Hi Senyora, welcome to HBC, are you from India?
    regarding to your questions, i believe it's possible for your car to swap to L15A7, and the result will heavily depend on the ability of your mechanic.
    I think if you can find L15A in good condition, it's better to do full engine swap, piston stroke from each engines are different, and i think it will produce different compression ratios,

    About the ECU, our friend here @"Nathan Tj" used the original ECU of L15A7.

    I assume your intention to do engine swap is to get more power from your car, the next project should be changing exhaust system, remapping ECU or installing piggyback.

  • Hello Admin Zikri, yes I am from India. I recently bought 1.2 Brio for city use and I think its a great little fun car to drive! I read that in Indonesia they offer 1.3 version of Brio, is that correct?

    I also checked with a company in Thailand (Monkey Shop) and they suggested that it is better to swap entire engine instead of swapping parts. This is because although the engine mounts are same, the internals are slightly different. The transmission/axles can be used from Brio.

    I guess it should be pretty much simple swap without any complications. The engine and ECU will come from City 1.5 which is available in the local market here. Since my car is fairly new, engine swap will not happen anytime soon. But before that I would like to do simple mods like RS Projector lamps. Do you ship mods like these internationally?

    One more question - How do you manage to remap the ECU? I was told that the software firewall does not allow to modify the Honda ECU of L series. When you say ECU remap do you mean for 1.2 or 1.5?

    (i think i am missing out on lot of good information in the forum because of the language barrier)

    I am sharing an online manual of Jazz which has same engine that can be referred if required during swap-
    Engine removal -…l_en/000000000001760.html
    Engine installation -…l_en/000000000001120.html
    User manual -

  • @"senyora" Yes, we have a 1300cc variant here, we called it Brio Sport, and it is completely built up (CBU) from Thailand, but unfortunately, Honda isn't selling Brio Sport anymore.

    RS projector lamp, do you mean Honda Mobilio RS projector lamp? In the past, someone from India request me to sent Brio Accessories to India, but the shipping fee is too much.

    I am not familiar with ECU remapping, just hear someone did it the other days. People here prefer to install piggy back, because it is more 'reversible' than remapping your ECU.

    Don't hestitate to discuss, we'll try to answer as best as we can

  • Yes, i think it is.. Looks very similar to this Nissin Clutch Slave Cylinder 

    Does it related to your engine swap project?

    No, not yet. I still dont have the instructions. Honda dealers dont sell parts off the counter, so before I remove the engine, I want to make sure what additional parts I will need for L15A7. I will get in trouble if I am left without parts in the middle of swap.

    If you come across any special information please do let me know. My car is still new so the swap wont happen anytime soon, right now I am just learning more about L series.

  • There is lot of information on Brio swap but I cannot translate easily.

    My only question is - is there any extra components required when installing L15 in a Brio?

    I am asking because I want to prepare myself before I start messing with it.

    I was told that same Brio 1.2 L12B transmission can be attached to L15A7