Honda Brio Air Tunnel

  • Its not too expensive, maybe between 100,000 - 200,000 IDR. Part is made up of soft flexible rubber.

    I noticed that were was air leak points between the duct and the bonnet, so I glued some foam padding on the duct. Its a little better now, but not perfect, I may have to find better solution.

    Unfortunately, in India, Honda does not sell parts off the counter, you have to give them the vehicle for servicing and they install it themselves.

  • Duct also comes in manual version here but only on top most variant (which is strange), so i dont think it is automatic only.

    Yes, it is meant for cool air because air inside the engine bay is hotter than outside air, I havnt felt any noticeable difference, so i cant say. Right now its winter season, may be it will help in summers - marginally.

    Even Honda Jazz has this duct-

  • Finally, i fixed the air leak in the intake duct.

    I bought a black Yoga mat and cut it in the shape of the duct.

    Used super glue to seal the edges and air leaks.

    I am not sure if it makes any performance difference, but the mat was cheap and it was worth it.

    The remaining mat may be used for sound deadening under the bonnet or fixing rattle if required. For now my car is 100% rattle free.

    If you buy yoga mat, make sure one of the side is plain and not textured

  • I too had the duct installed in my Brio from my neighboring Honda dealer for around 700 Rs including labor. Theoretically, the purpose of duct to feed cold and dense air to air cleaner is true. I haven't noticed a difference in power after installing the duct... But seems that more cleaner are is being fed to the air cleaner. Tried to check the dust inside the intake hose after a 5 hour drive on dusty highway, and found the intake hose quite clean... This was not there prior to the fitment of duct... The duct seems trapping dust before it enters the air cleaner... :)... If u need more power, try a free flow stock replacement air filter... And much better, go in for a free flow exhaust...